Current Work

I'm currently working on several projects:

  • Entries on 'Edward Holmes', 'Philharmonic Society and New Philharmonic Society', and 'Reception' for The Cambridge Berlioz Encyclopedia, ed. Julian Rushton (forthcoming, 2017)

  • 'Gatekeeping, Advocacy, Reflection: English Music Criticism in the Nineteenth Century', a chapter for The Cambridge History of Music Criticism, ed. Christopher Dingle (nearing completion)

  • An article about the commercial arm of the original Philharmonic Society of London, the Regent's Harmonic Institution (in progress)

  • A monograph on London concert life in the late 19th century and early 20th (in preparation)

  • A monograph on the history and development of British music scholarship (in planning)

  • Talks and seminars - on John Singer Sargent and on 19th-century periodicals and print culture - for the University of Edinburgh, the Midwest Victorian Studies Association (Missouri, USA), and the University of York (talks completed May 2016, now in transition to print)

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